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Image of Ohashikan JAPANESE HOTEL

Ohashikan logo
since 1879

40 Suetsugu Hon-machi,
Matsue City ,
Shimane Prefecture ,

Tel 0852-21-5168
Fax 0852-25-3485

Ohashikan is located the heart of Matsue.
With Matsue castle and sight seeing areas mostly with-in walking distance.
Ohashikan over looks a beautiful view of Lake Shinji and Ohashi River.
Ohashikan has the history of being the oldest running Ryokan in Matsue.
Also known for the place where the famous Irish writer Lafcadio Hearn lived when he first moved to Matsue.
At Ohashikan we serve traditional style foods with the menu changing with the seasons. With our natural hot spring known to be good for the muscle relaxation, blood flow and overall body ache healing.
We also have a restaurant on the 2nd floor called "Shosuitei" serving traditional foods and local cuisines.  Our menu can be arranged to suit your needs. (eg.vegetarian, no fish, fish only...)

James Fitisemanu

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